Work Log, 2020-07-01

  1. I can't spell "ineligible". There's only one L after the first E. Not two. Nope.
  1. You can now see prerequisites listed in the dialog for "you haven't met the prerequisites".
  1. The "ineligible" dialog tells you why you're ineligible.
  1. Hid IS/IR and internship courses by default. Because you can't register for them in here anyway, and they're essentially just clutter.
  1. Added a checkbox for hiding courses with prerequisites that you haven't met.
  1. Fixed a few bugs around class year course capacities and variable-credit courses.
  1. Prevented you from dropping courses you were auto-registered for, like a conversations program.
  1. Fixed blurry text in the dialog on Chrome/Windows (removed a transform: translate()???)
  1. The "Course Full (Class Year)" message now reads "Not Open To Class Of 2024". Or "Not Open To Class Of None." Whichever works :-)

That's the log of work for today!

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